Ice Machines - Hotel/Motel      

DKM-500BAH Crescent Cuber


Dispenses up to 466 lbs. of ice production per 24 hours and has up to 200 lbs. of built-in storage capacity. 35% quieter compared to other hotel dispenser applications and Durable, attractive one piece stainless steel exterior design.


DKM-500BAH Cube Dispenser PDF






DB-200HB Sanitary Cube Dispenser


Accommodates KM-320, KM-515, KM-600 or KM-650 Series Cubers for 281 to 680 lbs. of ice per day and has up to 130 lbs. of built-in storage capacity. Pushbutton single auger agitator dispenses ice at 20 lbs. per minute and durable stainless steel exterior.


DB-200HB Cuber Dispenser PDF

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