Broaster VF-2

Broaster VF-2 Spec Sheet

Broaster VF-3

Broaster VF-3 Spec Sheet




The Broaster Ventless 2-Pound Fryer (VF-2) and the Broaster Ventless 3-Pound Fryer (VF-3) are perfect for smaller volume foodservice operations due to their quicker coor sysles. Ultra-compact, self-venting fryer fits a small footprint and requires no outside venting to operate.




The Counter-top Fyers have feature:


Even Cooking


  • Proven round well design assures even heat distribution




  • Built-in fire suppression
  • self-check and safety systems


Fast & Efficient Cooking


  • Unique high basket capacity for more product per load
  • Self-contained vapor filtering system
  • Over 30 freezer-to-fryer delicious foods that cook in just a few minutes!



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